Monica Castell Sheehy

Product Design & interaction.
+ 10 years designing for digital interfaces.

My design journey started in 2007 as an art director, motion grapher, and creative coder in advertising agencies. There I had the chance to work for huge brands like IKEA, Vodafone, Mercedes Benz, The Red Cross, Burger King, and others. Once I switched to work as a freelancer my path shifted towards digital product design until I’ve become an expert. I've been learning a lot from working with smaller companies and startups sometimes as a consultant for a specific part of a project and others as an in-house designer leading the design direction of the whole product. I’ve chosen a few case studies to show in my portfolio, besides some examples of my work in the advertising industry. Feel free to take a peek ◉_◉

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My primary tool of choice for UI design is Figma. I’ve worked in the past with Sketch for the designs and Invision for prototyping but now I’m team Figma. As secondary tools I use Photoshop and Illustrator. For animations, I like Adobe Animate but I also use After Effects depending on the needs of the project. As for sound editing, I use Ableton Live and Adobe Audition. I also enjoy some coding on the side but I would have to kill myself if that was to be my everyday job. I’m good at HTML + CSS and I like to play around with JS and Kotlin(Java) to make Android apps. But even though I don’t consider myself as a developer I believe it’s a must for a Digital Product Designer to have basic coding skills in order to understand what can or can’t be done and to choose the flow and arquitecture that would be more efficient regarding resources and development time.