//Lleego Travel market: case study

B2B UX/UI/ Year: 2019

This is the outcome of my experience as a Design Lead at Lleego,
a b2b marketplace only available for registered travel agents.

Everyone can access the API documentation website.
But most of the work I made is for the responsive desktop app and is not public. I'll try to show here the higlights of my activity there.

They wanted to compeet within the market full of big fish that is the travel market and they needed to be the new cool kid on the block. Look faster, more friendly and cooler. But this is how it looked like.

My first action was changing their corporate color not only because the one they were using wasn't shinny enough but also becasue it was very difficult to match between different browsers and also print.

The core and strenght of the application is the search tool, that allows for a huge amount of filtering previously to look for a trip. It was quite a challenge to fit all that amount of data into a search tool that didn't look like hell on earth. I finally came up with a fluid browser that grows and addapts to the space depending on the options that you choose.

Feel free to play with the live protoype in Figma (below)

I really love how the pick-up your seat section looks like (click on the top right corner arrows icon to allow fullscreen):

This was my first design proposal for the website. The idea was to have an svg animation with random options so the planes appeared every time in a different position. After many talks I figured out the company acts in a way as a broker for travel agencies, so I used that concept for the copy and the image/animation of the planes appearing in a similar manner than divises graphics for the stock market.