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Company: The Front Row / Year: 2014 / Category: Concept & design

The Front Row is a fashion marketing agency based in Barcelona, Spain. The brand wanted to offer a modern minimalistic feeling but with some hint of sensuality. I chose a flat syle using only black and white, but using a font that has some sense of voluptuosity. Then I created a visual cut from side to side to make reference to the origin of the name: the front row in fashion shows.

Company: IQ Elite / Year: 2013 / Category: Design

IQ ELite is a Polish company specialized in online dating platforms. This logo for their Swag App needed to be strong and modern in a mainstream way. Since they had a very specific vision of their idea, I followed their lead to create what they wanted.

Company: Le Fabric / Year: 2013 / Category: Naming, concept & design

Le Fabric is an online service that delivers directly to the home from selected small specialty boutiques and designer factories in France. The owner was struggling to choose between some various possible names. Since the idea was to make a direct connection between the creator and the end consumer at a factory price (“prix de fabrique” in French) I came up with LeFabric, making reference not only to the factory concept but also that these manufacturers were in France. To conclude the concept, I wrapped it with a nice minimal line drawing of a factory.

Brand: Ambassador / Year: 2014 / Category: Concept & design

Ambassador Ambassador is a sub-brand of an international company that I'm not allowed to name in my portfolio (I signed a confidentiality contract). However, I can offer the logo I made for their brand. They didn't give me any direction, except that it was a luxury limo service. So I went for luxury. Echoing the logos of expensive makes of automobiles, I came up with this logo.

Brand: Freezt / Year: 2014 / Category: Naming, concept & design

Freezt is the name for an app for a company specializing in sports-related apps. The original name the client had in mind was "Let's Freez it!". They wanted the name to parallel names of their other apps, such as: "Let's Football" and "Let's Basquet". I thought the name wasn't short and commercial enough, so I proposed Freezt as an alternative, and they accepted it. They wanted to go for a line of design similar to was the one Nike was using in one of their apps because the target audience for their product is the same as the one for this specific Nike app.

Brand: Fest-UP/ Year: 2014 / Category: Naming, concept & design
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FEST-UP is a festival created in Barcelona by a group of entrepeneurs who felt the need of a space for startups to share and communicate as a way of growing and learning from each other. I was the lead designer for that inital state of the project, creating the website, taking care and coming up with the naming, branding and all the aspects of the visual communication. After that first year the group structure and priorities changed and I decided not to be part of it anmore. The festival was a success and I know for sure there where more editions of it, but I'm not sure if it's currenlty active anymore.